01-Soft Spoken Guy-Diane Renay.mp3
02-Growin'Up Too Fast-Diane Renay.mp3
03-Man Of Mystery-Diane Renay.mp3
04-Kiss Me Sailor-Diane Renay.mp3
05-Navy Blue-Diane Renay.mp3
06-Billy Blue Eyes-Diane Renay.mp3
07-Unbelievable Guy-Diane Renay.mp3
08-Soldier Boy-Diane Renay.mp3
09-He Promised Me Forever More-Diane Renay.mp3
10-Watch Out Sally!-Diane Renay.mp3
11-Sooner Or Later-Diane Renay.mp3
12-A Present From Eddie-Diane Renay.mp3
13-Please Forget Me-Diane Renay.mp3
14-Hello Heartaches-Diane Renay.mp3
15-Waiting For Joey-Diane Renay.mp3
16-Bell-Bottom-Trousers-Diane Renay.mp3
17-It's In Your Arms-Diane Renay.mp3
18-I Had a Dream-Diane Renay.mp3
19-Can't Help Loving That Man-Diane Renay.mp3
20-A Time a Dozen-Diane Renay.mp3
21-Tender-Diane Renay.mp3