The Best of Reparata and the Delrons
1. Boys And Girls

2. Captain Of Your Ship

3. Whenever A Teenager Cries

4. Tommy

5. The Kind Of Trouble That I Love

6. It's Waiting There For You

7. Panic

8. Look In My Diary

9. Do Wah Diddy

10. I Have A Boyfriend

11. I'm Nobody's Baby Now

12. Take A Look Around You

13. Mama's Little Girl

14. I Can Hear The Rain

15. The Boy I Love (Reparata)

16. In My Diary

17. He's My Guy (And I Love Him So)

18. Bye Bye Baby

19. I Found My Place (Reparata)

20. Loneliest Girl In Town

21. I Can Tell

22. (Do You) Remember When

23. Leave Us Alone (The Del-Rons)

24. He's The Greatest

25. He Don't Want You

26. Weather Forecast

27. (We're Gonna) Hold The Night

28. Saturday Night Didn't Happen

29. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart? (Reparata)

30. Shoes (Reparata)